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Apply for a Loan


Fill out this online application and upload the required documentation, outlined below, to be considered for a loan. Please note that the application must be filled out in its entirety with the required documentation in order to be considered for review. Incomplete applications and/or documentation will not be reviewed.

Loan Information

Please select the loan you are applying for and fill out the appropriate information.

Consumer Credit Builder Loan

Business Loans

How to Apply


When you apply for a loan, all loan applicants must submit the loan application, the release of information and provide the following documentation, outlined below, to be considered by the loan officer.

Two Ways to Apply
  1. Applicants may submit via online—completing the loan application, releasing information, and uploading the required documentation in our secure, web application.
    Apply Today

    If you've already completed your application but need to submit further documentation, please use our secure upload process.

  2. Applicants may download the application, the release of information form, and then upload them into our secure uploading portal. To submit your application, release of information form, and other required documentation, please use our secure upload process.

If you are unable to upload the application and required documentation, please send it via postal mail to:


Native American Development Center
c/o Lorraine Davis

209 North 24th Street, Ste. A

Bismarck, North Dakota 58501

Required Loan Documentation

Please note the documentation that is required.

At the time of loan application submission, applicants must submit the following:

  • Proof of rental housing. All applicants must provide the name and address of the landlord(s) for the past two years. If the applicant has not had two years of rental housing, the applicant must provide a statement explaining the reason why and the housing situation over the past two years.​

  • Proof of employment. All applicants must provide check stubs for the last three months.

  • Proof of all income.

    1. All applicants must provide income tax returns for the past two years.

    2. All applicants must provide w-2 forms for the past two years.

    3. All applicants must provide bank statements for the past two months.

  • Proof of debt.

    1. All applicants must provide proof of installment loans (i.e. student loans, auto loans, mortgage loans, etc.)​

    2. All applicants must provide revolving charge accounts (i.e. credit cards, home equity, lines of credit at a bank, etc.)

  • If self-employed or paid by commission, must provide:

    1. Previous two years of federal income tax returns with schedules.​

    2. Year-to-date profit and loss statement and most recent balance sheet.

    3. Corporate tax returns and schedules.

  • If you have filed bankruptcy in the last seven years, please provide:

    1. A copy of petition and discharge.​

    2. A handwritten explanation of the reason for bankruptcy.

    3. Evidence of good credit since the bankruptcy.

Clients may be required to enroll into NADC’s financial counseling services depending on
the credit score. When a client pays off a loan, NADC reports the client’s successful payoffs
to the credit bureaus, therefore, contributing toward building and/or improving client credit.
Successful payoffs may qualify clients for lines of credit for Native Artist businesses only.

Please note that the ability to show that you have economic stability strengthens your loan application.


If you have any questions, please contact Lorraine at (701) 595-5181, dial 4  or by email.

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